This Moment of Being - PS2, Belfast

Opening Thursday, 30 January 2020. Exhibition continues until February 15 

Out of step and slightly awkward I am articulated through identities as daughter, sister, artist, office worker, dog owner, benefits claimant, unpaid/paid cultural worker. The seesaw of survival as an artist and as a citizen: the hidden life, the under-the-radar life in conflict with the desire to be legitimate. Squeezing my art practice in between the everyday exigencies of earning a living, creating time, space and energy to enable a continuity of art practice. And in parallel, trying to muddle along in the art world, where the studio is home but the art world feels at times like a minefield of social mores that feel like a foreign land. JH

This Moment of Being is an exhibition by Jacqueline Holt that documents the day-to-day life and experiences of a cultural worker. Opening up discourse around cultural production by exposing process and practice, trying to make ends meet and touching on the personal. By using peripheral and fleeting moments of connection and intimacy in an effort to capture the unseen life that escapes the direct focus of intended production. The exhibition brings together photography, sculpture and video, using the exhibition as a medium to mark a moment in process.

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