Voice Recognition

aemi & Docs Ireland present: Voice Recognition

Sunday, 25 June 23 - 2:00pm @Queen’s Film Theatre Belfast

Each year aemi presents a programme of moving image work by artists and experimental filmmakers at Docs Ireland, aiming to call attention to the diverse ways artists and experimental filmmakers are continuing to deftly expand, enrich and challenge the conventions of the documentary form. In this programme of remarkable new work from artists Jenny Brady (Ireland), Miryam Charles (Haiti-Canada), Dan Guthrie (U.K.), Jacqueline Holt (U.K.-Northern Ireland) and Sofia Theodore-Pierce (U.S.A.), ideas around voice and lineage are explored through connections to the body or instances of disembodiment. While experiences of disempowerment permeate the works gathered here, they are enacted as loving dedications or expressions of gratitude for those who have made or shaped us. 

This screening will be followed by a Q&A with artists from the programme

Film information
Jacqueline Holt, Nothing much happening here, 2022, Northern Ireland, DCP, 16 minutes
Dan Guthrie, black strangers, 2022, U.K., DCP, 8 minutes
Miryam Charles, Chanson pour le Nouveau-Monde (Song for the New World), 2021, Canada, DCP, 9 minutes
Sofia Theodore-Pierce, Exterior Turbulence, 2023, U.S.A, DCP, 11 minutes
Jenny Brady, Music for Solo Performer, 2022, Ireland, DCP, 20 minutes
Running time: 64 minutes



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